"TENSER 2" FREE Droner Thing. Not MAX! Needs Suite.

Tenser 2

"Spotfieldnew" A quick-fix FREE M4L synth plus Ableton Sound FX 


"Arcturus" FREE-JAZZ Automaton for Ableton Live 9. It's FREE!

This is a continuation of the experiment in generative music started below here in "XY". This has a much smaller megabyte footprint as it's software not sample-based and it takes off in a jazz rather than orchestral style. Love it or hate it, you'll need Suite to enjoy it as it uses TENSION, M4L, GLUE, ELECTRIC and AMP.

"XY"FREE Live 9 Pack 

Video Preview of my Ableton Max for Live Stockausen-like instrument "Whitebox XY". Just click play and off it goes, randomly playing a variable mix, from variable play-points of two very long orchestral percussion performances (marimbas and bowed vibes). The effect is a constantly varying, hardly ever repeated piece of MUSIC CONCRETE. Listen to a different variation below. 



FOUR ambient twisty-wisty instruments to mess with. You'll need MAX