Whiteboxsynthmakers... My name's Nick Dwyer and I performed for 9 years in the original cast of StompNow I'm an Ableton Amateur and I work from home with a laptop and a pair of headphones designing Ableton Racks.

An Ableton Rack is a tool for mixing together FX, plug-ins and instruments in a track. When it is made available to other users it's exported as a Pack. This includes all settings, any samples, possibly a demo tune and photos and text and shit. Some include gizmos made with the Ableton plug-in MAX 4 LIVE. Some I even made myself.If you see this in a Rack's spec you'll need this. Get it from Ableton's site on demo or upgrade to Suite.

All my Ableton Racks are free and can be auditioned and downloaded on the Free Packs page, and don't forget my Max for Live shit at FREE Max4LiveYou'll also find my ancient Windows VSTi synths here too.

Nick Dwyer 2015