TENSER 2. FREE Droner Thing. Not MAX! Needs Suite.  

Free ABLETON Live 9 packs. Click a pic to dropbox item.
Tenser 2

A remix of the old Tenser rack I made last year, aimed at being an interesting drone producer, if such a thing is possible… This has the addition of Rainbow FX 2 which features Erosion, Resonator, Vocoder, Grain Repeats, Glue, Ping and Corpus.

Listen out for that creaking bass on the demo. All the sounds apart from the drum loop were made with this rack.

Live 9 Suite required.

Spotfieldnew. A quick-fix FREE M4L synth plus Ableton Sound FX 


A rework of my M4L soundbox SPOTFIELD. Well, it's not a rework, it seems that Ableton Live 9 hasn't broken it with the latest update so I've added a custom set of FX that you can use without scratching around for ideas.

SPOTFIELD is a cheap and nasty synth with 16 presets. Just click any of the spots. You may be surprised to find that all the sounds on this demo, except the drumloop, where created with this gizmo.

Max4Live and Live 9 Suite required.


"ARCTURUS" FREE-JAZZ Automaton for Ableton Live 9 

Arcturus Download here. CLICK!

A modern jazz quartet improvising in Ableton? Well, near enough. You can provide the live trumpet if you wish.

I've taken Max for Live's snappily titled M4l.bg.15.AllTogether random sequence generator and inserted separate instances of it onto four different instruments: piano, guitar, percussion and double bass. This rack uses TENSION and ELECTRIC as the sound generators. 

You'll notice that without too much tweaking the Max gizmo is pretty funky, especially if you put it into a 64-bar backwards and forwards random repeat thing. Are there some secret jazzers over at Cycling 74?

I've added in some AMP stuff for live sounding realism and some user-variables (using RESONATOR) that give the impression of a guitarist strumming (with a fuzz-box) rather than playing lead. AND a bit of a trick on the Percussion sound (it's actually TENSION playing a marimba) that makes it go scratchy if you mess with it. By the way, the unusual inclusion of Guitar/Percussion balance seems to work. Try it out.

The double bass (TENSION again) is on a separate track so you don't have to use the M4L Carbonised Wood REVERB on it but you'll probably want to use the GLUE compressor.

You will notice there are no recorded clips in this rack. Just hit PLAY and see what happens... DO play with the variables. Do play trumpet.

Max4Live and Live 9 Suite required.



Get It

Simpler is loaded with Ableton's Limette sample then given an unpredictable Filter frequency, Spread, Glide Time, Filter Resonance and Loop Start with Max's Device Randomiser. Further processed with Beat Repeat (requires transport ON) and Simple Delay this is an intriguing if rather demanding sound creator. Drop ANY sample into it, of course.

Max4Live required.

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Thinking of randomising sounds in an Eno-esque way I put four samples into a rack (naming them as vaguely as possible AFTER BEFORE DURING EARLIER) and used Max's brilliant Device randomiser on three of them. One remains fairly straight to provide a sense of a root note.
Then I added a specific (variable) effect to each sound.
1. "After" has redux on/off
2. "Before" has filter room reverb
3. "During" has electric distortion 

4. "Earlier' has the Brooklyn resonator.

 Mess around with this until it makes some biscuits. FREE till your cows come home.

Max4Live required. 

"CRACKED"FREE Live 9 Pack 


Tension meets Corpus meets Delayed Hall Reverb creating cracked violin gamelan. An unpredictable instrument! Macros are tuned to Excitator Type/Damping, Body Type, Pickup Position, Resonator Tune/Type, Hall Delay Level and Volume. Related to yet more dangerous than Whitebox Tenser Rack, this one needs that Limiter. Use with care. 

Tension and Corpus required.

"TENSER"FREE Live 9 Pack 


Ableton's TENSION is linked to CORPUS effect DRUM REZO GATE to create a broken guitar instrument. Three included extra variations on the rack develop into a more abrasive electric blues guitar set-up WITHOUT using any amp modelling. 

Tension and Corpus required.

Read more about using TENSION  at AbletonOp